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We treat anxiety, depression, trauma and problematic substance use.

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Our healthcare system is failing many people with moderately complex mental health needs.   
These people often require more than a weekly therapy session but aren't ill enough for residential or hospital care.
Without appropriate treatment their quality of life suffers, sometimes for years.


Boreal Wellness Centres uses group therapy to expand access to mental health treatment and assist people not responding to individual counselling. 
Our innovative virtual group programs are effective and convenient.


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Our services are offered in British Columbia and Ontario.
We will begin helping in Alberta in the Summer of 2021.
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“After surviving a critical illness I found myself not only needing to recover physically but mentally; depression became overwhelming for me. From the first telephone call I made to Boreal I no longer felt alone in my journey through depression. I didn’t win the battle in 7 weeks but I got a big boost in the right direction and I still have Boreal walking my journey right beside me.” – Healthcare Manager
“Being a veteran of 12 years in the military and two tours in Afghanistan I have taken a few programs over the years to deal with PTSD and mental health issues … Without a doubt the group based program at Boreal Wellness was exactly what I needed this time … The complete body, mind and spirit approach taken by all the staff was key for me and was not something I had experienced in other programs. The follow up aftercare has helped to monitor my goals and continuing treatment as well.” – JV
“The medical, spiritual, mental well-being and cognitive behavioural therapy approaches is what made Boreal Wellness Centre a 5/5 review and is highly recommended.” – LJ
“For my entire 20s and 30s, I thought my severe anxiety was just something I had to “live with” – and when it became so unbelievably severe in my early 40s that it “took over” my life, I became a miserable, worrying mess. When I walked into Boreal on day one of the 7-week program, I had huge doubts and reservations. But after a few weeks of learning (and practicing) the skills taught by their team of compassionate and devoted professionals, something “nothing short of miraculous” started to occur – I began to win the battle over my anxiety! It wasn’t easy (and I still have to apply and work hard at these skills each and every day), but I now am a much happier and more confident person than I had ever thought was possible!” Jonathon P.
“All the staff – from the Doctors, counselors, personal trainers, nutritionists, and administrators were very engaging, knowledgeable, professional and caring. I truly felt like they were honestly invested in my health and well being. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to live a more positive, productive lifestyle and that wants to work towards that goal with like minded individuals.” – JV
“Last year I sank into a major depression. I couldn’t work, eat or sleep. I discovered that the medical system does not work quickly. Efforts to find a psychologist and/or a psychiatrist in a timely manner failed … After being ill for seven months … I needed something intense and structured … I thought I was not a “group therapy” person, but I discovered the power of group therapy. Being with others who are going through very similar things to you works, especially in combination with individual therapy … I am back at my profession full-time. I have learned so much and am much happier … I recommend this program whole heartedly to anyone suffering from serious depression. Don’t wait – they can help you learn the tools required to help yourself live a full, rich life.”
“I attended their 7 week group day program, which I was concerned about because I am a very private person. However, everyone attending was there for the same reason, to better themselves and on days that I would be thinking that no one can possibly understand my pain I need only to look at my fellow group members and listen to their stories to recognize that my burdens and pain were shared. I am so thankful for my group members and all the exceptional multidisciplinary professionals that are now part of my mental health team. ” – Healthcare Manager


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