The Problem

There are few options for people who need more than occasional individual therapy and less than hospitalization.
19.6% - 26.2%*
of British Columbians
somewhere around one million people - will experience a mental illness each year. *According to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)
1-2 month
waitlist for psychologists

6-12 month
waitlist for psychiatrists
This results in 14%
of British Columbians
with a mental illness having three or more hospital stays a year, which is more than any other province.

Our Solution

Evidence-based Interdisciplinary Group Therapy
  • Using the power of group therapy to assist individuals who are not responding to one-to-one therapy
  • Interdisciplinary program combines psychotherapy, psychiatry, fitness, mindfulness and nutrition
  • Closed groups for optimal therapeutic environment

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Why Choose Boreal Wellness Centres

Innovative Group Therapy Model

Outpatient group therapy provides opportunity to work on skills and incorporate resiliency tools into daily living.

Patient-Centred Programs

We use proven, effective and safe therapeutic approaches in a nurturing environment and provide six months of free after-care.

Clinical Experts in Psychological Health

Our therapy programs are designed
and delivered by a team of experts
with decades of experience.

Client Profile

Boreal Wellness Centres treats adults (18+) and teenagers (ages 15-17) who have a primary diagnosis of a mental health condition. More specifically, we specialize in the treatment of people diagnosed with:

  • mood disorders, including dysthymia, depression, and bipolar mood disorder
  • anxiety disorders, including post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), operational stress injury (OSI) and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)

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What Our Clients Say:

“Being a veteran of 12 years in the military and two tours in Afghanistan I have taken a few programs over the years to deal with PTSD and mental health issues … Without a doubt the group based program at Boreal Wellness was exactly what I needed this time … The complete body, mind and spirit approach taken by all the staff was key for me and was not something I had experienced in other programs. The follow up aftercare has helped to monitor my goals and continuing treatment as well.” – JV
“For my entire 20s and 30s, I thought my severe anxiety was just something I had to “live with” – and when it became so unbelievably severe in my early 40s that it “took over” my life, I became a miserable, worrying mess. When I walked into Boreal on day one of the 7-week program, I had huge doubts and reservations. But after a few weeks of learning (and practicing) the skills taught by their team of compassionate and devoted professionals, something “nothing short of miraculous” started to occur – I began to win the battle over my anxiety! It wasn’t easy (and I still have to apply and work hard at these skills each and every day), but I now am a much happier and more confident person than I had ever thought was possible!” Jonathon P.
“Last year I sank into a major depression. I couldn’t work, eat or sleep. I discovered that the medical system does not work quickly. Efforts to find a psychologist and/or a psychiatrist in a timely manner failed … After being ill for seven months … I needed something intense and structured … I thought I was not a “group therapy” person, but I discovered the power of group therapy. Being with others who are going through very similar things to you works, especially in combination with individual therapy … I am back at my profession full-time. I have learned so much and am much happier … I recommend this program whole heartedly to anyone suffering from serious depression. Don’t wait – they can help you learn the tools required to help yourself live a full, rich life.”
“I attended their 7 week group day program, which I was concerned about because I am a very private person. However, everyone attending was there for the same reason, to better themselves and on days that I would be thinking that no one can possibly understand my pain I need only to look at my fellow group members and listen to their stories to recognize that my burdens and pain were shared. I am so thankful for my group members and all the exceptional multidisciplinary professionals that are now part of my mental health team. ” – Healthcare Manager
“After surviving a critical illness I found myself not only needing to recover physically but mentally; depression became overwhelming for me. From the first telephone call I made to Boreal I no longer felt alone in my journey through depression. I didn’t win the battle in 7 weeks but I got a big boost in the right direction and I still have Boreal walking my journey right beside me.” – Healthcare Manager
“The medical, spiritual, mental well-being and cognitive behavioural therapy approaches is what made Boreal Wellness Centre a 5/5 review and is highly recommended.” – LJ
“All the staff – from the Doctors, counselors, personal trainers, nutritionists, and administrators were very engaging, knowledgeable, professional and caring. I truly felt like they were honestly invested in my health and well being. I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to live a more positive, productive lifestyle and that wants to work towards that goal with like minded individuals.” – JV