Clinical Team

Annie Angioli

Annie Angioli


Andrea (Annie) takes pride in her work and makes an effort to stay current and relevant with her education. Annie is a practicing member of the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists and has a Bachelors of Science in Human Kinetics.

Annie has worked with a wide variety of clients with many different needs and abilities. Her attention to detail has helped many people regain function, decrease pain, lose weight, gain muscle and ultimately maintain a healthy lifestyle long term. Her training philosophy is to “move with purpose,” which encourages the program to relate to and have a purpose for overall functioning of the human body with the result to reach and surpass goals.

Annie believes you should train from a holistic viewpoint where you are not only physically fit, but mentally as well. This ideology helps to maintain your results and a healthy lifestyle in the long run. It is never too late to start on a fitness journey and she welcomes clients of any fitness level and age.

6+ years of practice

Postgraduate Studies:
B.HKin., UBC
B.Sc., University of Winnipeg

Client Focus:

Active Health and Fitness
Injury Rehabilitation
Exercise Therapy

Treatment Orientation:
Move with purpose!




Favourite quote:
“You must do the thing you thing you cannot do.”
   Eleanor Roosevelt