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Karin Mattu BCPFFA Bronze

Karin Mattu

Registered Clinical Counsellor

I have been a registered clinical counsellor since 2007 and have worked with a diverse population of clients. A primary focus of my clinical work has been working with youth who are moderate to high risk for suicide and their families. In this work, skills gained have allowed me to work with complex family issues, anxiety and depression, self-harm, and OCD, to name a few.

I have had the privilege of working with different systems and have been able to offer support to those who struggle with a multitude of mental health concerns. I enjoy working with individuals of all age ranges and use a variety of therapeutic techniques.

I approach my work from a client-centered, solution focused lens and find that clients respond well especially to CBT and trauma informed practices.

I speak Punjabi and Hindi, in addition to English, and find that for some clients, the dual cultures that can be addressed by a person who grew up in ‘two worlds’ can be helpful.

A book that is a favorite of mine is, “The Time Keeper” by Mitch Albom. The primary theme of the book is the construct of time and how since the first person decided to keep track, the world runs by it/after it. I re-read this favorite whenever I feel imbalanced in my own life. I get a different message after each read,  and it is a good reminder that time is precious and should be regarded as such.

I take this idea and implement it into my clinical work. It is important for clients to feel that it’s not too late to make changes. I encourage individuals to explore the hope that exists in making the time to work on oneself, whether it’s dealing with past traumas, current roadblocks, or future goals. I found myself reading passages from this book especially after I was in a serious car accident. The accident derailed my life in a lot of significant ways and I found the need to seek counseling to help process my feelings related to the accident.

One of the most valuable things that came out of this experience for me was the clarity with which I could see how I had been living my life versus what I wanted to be different. I strive to bring this clarity to the work that I do and feel privileged to be allowed into someone’s life when they may at their lowest, walk alongside and bring hope that change is possible.

10+ years of practice

Postgraduate Studies:
M.A., Trinity Western
B.A., U of British Columbia

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Favourite quote:
‘The secret to living well and longer is: eat half, walk double, laugh triple and love without measure’.
   Tibetan Proverb