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Dr. Lindsey Thomas

Clinical Director
Registered Psychologist

I am a psychologist registered to practice in British Columbia and Ontario. I completed my Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at UBC in 2009, and since that time have been in private practice.

I am both clinically and forensically trained, and I divide my time between forensic and non-forensic settings, conducting assessments and providing treatment. However, since I joined the Boreal Wellness Centres leadership team, I have reduced my forensic responsibilities as I am enjoying the opportunity to collaborate with our clinicians and to develop new programs.

Over the years I have treated and assessed with compassion a wide range of difficulties in adults, including a variety of anxiety disorders, mood disorders, personality disorders, trauma, psychosis, substance misuse and problematic sexual behaviours and interests.

I am committed to using only assessment and therapy approaches that are well-supported by scientific research. That being said, because of my own experiences and upbringing, I learned at a young age to separate the behaviour from the person. This puts me in an unique position to offer clients the utmost in nonjudgmental care. Regardless of what people have done or how their symptoms present, I am able to see the good in people - their strengths - and help them live more fulfilling lives and have healthier relationships and boundaries with others.

When I was in graduate school, I had several months when I experienced intense panic attacks. They were so intense that I feared I was going “crazy” and surely destined for hospitalization. Prior to this incident, I had been treating people with panic disorder. Because of this, I knew exactly what was going on in my body and what I needed to do to overcome it.  None-the-less, the intensity diminished my ability to reason with myself or to immediately take steps to get better.  With help, I was able to overcome these attacks and fortunately have never had them again.

I am grateful for this experience, as it gave me insight into how a client may experience symptoms, and what they may be thinking as they consider engaging in a therapeutic process. I also now have an even better understanding of what is and what is not possible to accomplish in a session when someone is so activated.

15+ years of practice

Postgraduate Studies:
Ph.D., UBC

Client Focus:
Public Safety Personnel


Treatment Orientation:
Prolonged Exposure



Limited, due to clinical supervision responsibilities