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Dr. Marilyn Kwong

Dr. Marilyn Kwong

Registered Psychologist

For almost 14 years, I have helped people overcome their suffering and pursue a better life.  I started this work during my pre-doctoral internship in clinical psychology where I worked in an outpatient program at a local hospital, and at a rehab company helping people get back to work after a major setback or crisis.

Some of the people I worked with had been through a devastating accident or event, others were struggling with a mental health or medical issue. My assessment work focused on psychovocational assessments to help people better understand their strengths and challenges, so they could get the supports they needed and optimize their functioning.

In my assessment practice, I find great satisfaction in helping people understand themselves in a new, more compassionate, strength-based way. In my therapy practice, I help people with a range of difficulties that usually stem from emotional and relationship patterns that were once adaptive but have since become problematic.

My professional path was a very personal path. It was not until later in life that I became a psychologist. I am from a working-class Chinese family; my mother was a dedicated homemaker who did not finish high school, my father was a man who worked hard for his family and did not go to college. My destiny was to get a job right out of high school. But I had always been interested in psychology. So, after finding a secure job in a big company, I took courses in psychology as a hobby.  I didn’t have the confidence to think I could do anything more. Then, one of my teachers told me I should go to graduate school. This had never occurred to me. The journey to graduate school was long and hard. When I got there, I didn’t feel I fit in and often doubted myself. But, I had the good fortune to find a patient supervisor who believed in me. Gradually, my confidence grew. Sometimes, it takes another person, who sees you through a different lens than your own, to show you your true potential. This, I believe, is the role of a psychologist – to shed a healing light on suffering, and open a new path towards positive growth and transformation.

I received an Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Simon Fraser University.

14+ years of practice

Postgraduate Studies:
Ph.D., Simon Fraser University

Client Focus:

Psychodiagnostic Assessment
Psychovocational Assessment
Intimacy and Relationships
Self-esteem Issues

Treatment Orientation:
Emotionally Focused Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Psychodynamic Therapy




“The human psyche, like human bones, is strongly inclined towards self-healing.”
   John Bowlby