Our Values and Promises

Are you curious about our name “Boreal Wellness Centres”?

“Boreal” means “of the north”, which reflects our Canadian heritage, and “Wellness” highlights our focus on overall mind and body health.

Boreal Wellness Centres' guiding values are compassion, dedication to clinical excellence, a spirit of innovation and providing high-quality client experiences.

We are dedicated to providing evidence-based, specialized treatment programs for individuals and families suffering from anxiety, depression and trauma.

Our Core Values

The Boreal Wellness Centres team strives to live by values that guide how we interact with our community, our clients, our partners and with each other.


We strive for a nuanced understanding of our clients and their situations so that our assistance is individualized, effective, and efficient.


We embrace the challenge of helping our clients improve their health.


We do the right thing. We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics. We are transparent, honest and ethical in all our interactions with employees, clients, vendors and partners.


We treat others as we expect to be treated. We embrace each individual’s unique talents and honour diverse lifestyles. We operate in a spirit of cooperation and value human dignity.


We seek to exceed the expectations of our clients and our partners.

Evidence-Based Treatment

We use therapies that have been demonstrated by multiple clinical studies to be effective, safe, and consistent with best practices


We are a learning organization that works with enthusiasm and intellect, and are driven to surpass what has already been achieved in mental healthcare services.

Our Promises

A Promise To Our Clients

We promise to offer you a nurturing environment where you feel safe to seek increased self-awareness, healing and resiliency. We will treat you with compassion, integrity and kindness. We believe a full and rewarding life is possible for everyone, and we are dedicated to helping you achieve it.

A Promise To Our Staff

We promise to create a stimulating work environment where you can perform meaningful work and achieve professional and personal growth. Ours is a partnership that we want to be mutually beneficial. As a commitment to supporting a psychologically healthy workplace, Boreal Wellness Centres signed the Mindful Employer Charter and it strives to adhere to the principles of the National Standard of Canada for Psychological Health & Safety in the Workplace.

A Promise To Our Community

We promise to seek ways to improve the accessibility and quality of mental health therapy. We are committed to creating a healthier, happier community, one client at a time.