Intake Steps

Boreal Wellness Centres

The Steps

If you are interested in group treatment for depression or anxiety at Boreal Wellness Centres, please submit an inquiry form from our website.  Our team will send you or your loved one an email with a link to complete our secure online intake form.  This form provides our clinical team with some basic information, including a brief description of how mental health challenges are impacting you and your treatment goals. We will review and follow up with any questions and to discuss next steps.

For people interested in group therapy, the next step is an intake assessment with one of our psychologists. The assessment typically takes between 1-2 hours. During the assessment, the psychologist will ask questions to better understand your mental health history, current functioning and ways of coping with challenges, and treatment goals.

Our group therapy intake process is illustrated in the image below

group therapy intake process

The Intake Assessment

The intake assessment allows our clinical team to:

  • confirm that your primary diagnosis is anxiety, depression or trauma;
  • clarify your treatment goals;
  • evaluate the fit between the your diagnosis and goals, and our treatment programs.

It is helpful for clients to provide reports from previous assessments or hospital stays. If you recently completed an assessment as part of another program or had a recent independent medical evaluation (IME), our team will review and may accept these reports instead of completing our assessment.

Once an intake assessment is booked, you will be asked to login to our secure e-records portal and complete several confidential questionnaires.

Clients receive an electronic copy of the assessment report, including our recommendation for treatment.

Feel free to refer yourself or a family member directly by completing an inquiry form.