Ongoing interaction between our team and clients

It takes time to develop tools and habits that make a person more resilient to life's challenges. And the amount of time is different for everyone. Seven to ten weeks of group therapy is a great start for most people, but realistically, the process will be ongoing for many months, perhaps years.

Boreal Wellness Centres recognizes this timeline and provides support and counselling after the completion of treatment. The interaction between our After-Care team and our clients can be helpful for their long term success and well-being.

Our Resilient Living™ After-care program consists of the following:
  • Group Counselling: Boreal Wellness Centres hosts weekly alumni group sessions. These are free to attend and moderated by a therapist.
  • Communication: Boreal Wellness Centres regularly reaches out to its alumni to check on the progress with their discharge plan and to offer suggestions on additional resources, if needed.