COVID-19’s Legacy: Mental Health Parity?

mental health parity

Unexpected advancements often emerge from the turmoil of a crisis. Citizens, communities, and governments, faced with daunting challenges, have historically responded with innovation and investment. World War II spurred the mass production of penicillin to address infections from battle wounds. The Vietnam War left thousands of soldiers physically disabled and they became critical advocates for disability rights. COVID-19 could be … Read More

What Can You Do To Avoid A Financial Disaster?

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Staying within a positive cash flow these days can be challenging. The price of gas seems to keep going up. Housing costs including utilities, maintenance, taxes and insurance have all risen. Groceries and consumer goods and services are more expensive. And the cost of borrowing money is on the rise. The cumulative effect of all these increases can have a … Read More

Better Sleep With Better Sleep Habits

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If you are not sleeping well – or long enough – at night, try the tips below to improve the quality of your sleep and to ensure you are properly rested the following day. Along with good nutrition and exercise, sleep is recognized as one of the pillars of good health. Over recent years we’ve come to understand how important … Read More

Mental Health Apps: Snake-oil or science?

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A Wild West of “Snake Oil” In recent years, numerous mental health apps have been developed and made available to smartphone users. These apps aim to improve mental health and well-being, ranging from guiding mental illness recovery to encouraging beneficial habits that improve emotional health. However, most mental health apps don’t have a lot of proven science to support their … Read More

Is Group Counselling Right for Me?

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Don’t rule out group counselling until you read this. There’s a lot of mystery around group counselling, and the idea of sharing your troubles with people that you probably don’t know can seem intimidating. In this Boreal Wellness Centres blog article we’ll do our best to explain group counselling, provide reassurance that it can be a great option for counselling, … Read More

Pills Don’t Teach Skills: How Counselling Helps

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At some point, everybody feels stress, anxiety, and sadness. Sometimes, we can work these issues out on our own by changing our lifestyle, reading books, trying mental health apps, or through talking with friends or family members. Other times, we notice patterns that we haven’t been able to change on our own or issues start to overwhelm us and negatively … Read More