Relationship Challenges?

Maintaining a healthy relationship can be difficult to balance among other priorities such as work and kids. Some of the most common issues and opportunities for improvement address:

  • communication: many relationships fall apart because of misunderstandings or a lack of communication between partners
  • emotion management:  many couples are unable to find healthy ways to share their emotions
  • difference of opinion: differences, especially when unaddressed, can potentially ruin relationships

Couples therapy and marriage counselling can help.  Boreal Wellness Centres provides couples therapy to people who are feeling stuck and discouraged in their relationships.  For those seeking ways to save their relationship and create more fulfilling connections, our couples therapists can help.

Meet Our Couples Therapists

Durwin Foster
Durwin Foster
Certified Canadian Counsellor

For over 15 years I have been working couples and individuals to improve their relationships and mental health.  I bring an enduring, sincere interest in the well-being of others to his practice. If you need a trusted ally in a time of emotional difficulty, or want a coach to help you grow into your greatest potential, you’ve come to the right place.

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Dr. Mok Escueta
Registered Clinical Social Worker

I have been a Trauma Psychotherapist for about 20 years and continue to be very grateful that my profession is my passion.  I use current evidence-based and best practices, and collaborate with individuals, couples, families and groups.

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