Resilient Living™ Evening Program


Evening sessions in a group setting.

The Resilient Living™ Evening Program meets twice a week, for 3 hours each night. Clients can access our Evening Program as a stand-alone program if they require treatment that is less time intensive than the Day program, or it can be used as a step-down to continue the momentum achieved during the Day Treatment Program.

The curriculum in the Evening Program is very similar to that of the Day Treatment Program, with group psychotherapy sessions as well as segments on other key topics such as nutrition, sleep, relationships, and the return to work path.

The group therapy of the Resilient Living™ Evening Program is accompanied by:

  • Six months of free after-care. These weekly one hour group sessions are led by a registered clinical counsellor and provide Resilient Living™ program alumni with ongoing support and education.

Clients will move through the ten week program with the same cohort of 6-10 people. We believe that "closed" groups are important for creating a therapeutic environment where clients feel comfortable sharing and supporting one another.

Supplemental individual therapy, family therapy and substance use therapy sessions are available as needed and upon request - please ask us about how to arrange these.