Frequently Asked Questions

Are your services covered by British Columbia's Medical Services Plan (MSP)?

Unfortunately the vast majority of our mood and anxiety programming is not covered, at this time.

Does your program treat individuals with personality disorders and/or provide DBT?

Boreal Wellness programming is not designed to treat clients whose primary diagnosis is a personality disorder. Personality disorders are best address with specialized treatment such as that offered by the DBT Centre or other similar clinics.

Do you accept clients from outside of Vancouver?

Yes, please contact our team for assistance with exploring local accommodations for the duration of the treatment program.

If I decide to stop the program, will I receive a refund of my fees?

Yes, if you decide to stop attending the program within the first four (4) clinical days, we will refund any fees, pro-rated for the number of uncompleted days of the program.

If I miss a day, can I make it up?

The day treatment curriculum is developed with a certain number of sessions in mind, and the groups are "closed" which means a client cannot merely jump into another group to cover any material that was missed. However, if you miss a day(s), our clinical team will work with you to cover the material and exercises that were missed.

Where do I park my vehicle?

We encourage clients to use public transportation - the Yaletown/Roundhouse Sky Train station is one half block south of our offices and there are several bus stops close by. If driving is the best option, please contact our staff for information on reasonably price parking options.

What type of food is provided for lunch?

Our lunches consist of healthy food provided by local restaurants. We will do our best to accommodate dietary restrictions and preferences.