Group Therapy

Group counselling

Group Therapy

Group therapy isn’t just individual counselling in a group.

Group therapy has its own techniques, its own processes, and its own strategies. Fellow group members provide support, feedback, and positive modeling while also challenging you. Group counselling is an ideal counselling experience for those who feel isolated by their challenges with anxiety and depression.

The top five advantages of group therapy:

  1. Groups reassure that you are not alone. Being part of a group of people who have similar experiences helps you see that what you are going through is something anyone can experience.
  2. Groups are safe places to try new things. All members in a group are united in a common goal so you gain a sense of belonging and acceptance with group therapy without fear of failure or criticism.
  3. Groups encourage you to share. Sharing feelings and experiences with other members in group therapy can help relieve emotional pain, guilt, stress, or other unwelcome feelings and thoughts.
  4. Groups can enlighten you. The work you do in a group helps you realize that you are responsible for your own life, your own actions, and your own choices. Group counselling is a truly transformative experience.
  5. Groups help promote change and growth. By observing other people in group therapy, you can receive helpful feedback from other group members. These varied perspectives can help to promote change and growth.

At Boreal Wellness Centres members join a group and stay with that group from the beginning to the end. These are called “closed” groups and you work with the same people until the sessions are over.

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Virtual Group Therapy?

Many people live in areas where evidence-based group therapy is unavailable.  Boreal Wellness Centres offers group therapy programs for anxiety and depression through secure video conference technology.

The goal of these virtual programs are the same as our in-person programs - enhanced resiliency to navigate life’s challenges and improved functionality in work, family and social situations.

Boreal Wellness Centres uses a video conference platform that is provides high quality video and audio and is PIPEDA/PHIPA compliant. Participants are required to use headphones and to locate themselves in a quiet place where they will not be disturbed.  

If you are interested in learning more, please visit our Virtual Group Therapy page, or contact us and we will provide details.