Is Group Counselling Right for Me?

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Don’t rule out group counselling until you read this.

There’s a lot of mystery around group counselling, and the idea of sharing your troubles with people that you probably don’t know can seem intimidating. In this Boreal Wellness Centres blog article we’ll do our best to explain group counselling, provide reassurance that it can be a great option for counselling, and make you more comfortable with whole notion of counselling in one of Boreal Wellness Centres’ groups.

Is Group Therapy Effective?

Decades of research, including more than 50 clinical trials, have shown that group counselling is as effective as individual counselling for many conditions, including depression, obesity and social anxiety. Partly as a result of that research, demand for group counselling is up, and many new psychologists are being asked to lead groups in hospital and community mental health settings.

The Benefits Unique to Group Counselling

Group counselling isn’t just individual counselling in a group, it has its own techniques, its own processes, its own strategies, and its own types of mental health challenges that it can be a better solution than individual counselling. Among these advantages:

  • Groups reassure that you are not alone. Being part of a group of people who have similar experiences can help you see that you are going through is something anyone can experience, and that you are not alone.
  • Groups are safe places to try new things. Group counselling offers a safe and private place to practice new ways of thinking and behaviour without fear of failure or criticism. Because all members in a group are united in a common goal, you gain a sense of belonging and acceptance with group counselling.
  • Groups encourage you to share. Sharing feelings and experiences with other members in group counselling can help relieve pain, guilt, stress, or other feelings you want to be rid of and change.
  • Groups can enlighten you. The work you do in a group can help you realize that you are responsible for your own life, your own actions, and your own choices. Group counselling can be a truly transformative experience.
  • Groups help promote change and growth. By observing other people in group counselling, you can receive helpful feedback from other group members. These varied perspectives can help to promote change and growth.
  • Groups let you learn from others. As group counselling members progress through each session, they begin to serve as role models and a source of encouragement and hope for others who are perhaps not moving forward as quickly.

At Boreal Wellness Centres, and in most group counselling situations, members join a group and stay with that group from the beginning to the end. These are called “closed” groups and ensure that you have the same people you see each group counselling session and you work with them until the sessions are over.

Does Group Counselling Work?

Group counselling is an ideal way to improve interpersonal skills, which can offset the stigma associated with social isolation or shame. Fellow group members provide support, feedback, and positive modeling while also challenging you. They are ideal for trauma survivors, or teens who struggle with transition and socializing.

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We know that group counselling can be a truly transformative experience. If you’d like to know more about the group counselling options at Boreal Wellness Centres, or whether group counselling is the best solution for you, contact us. We’re eager to help you take the next step towards claiming your life back and improving your mental health and well-being.

Post Author: Scott Wallace, PhD
Date Posted: January 2020
Date of Review: January 2020

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