How We Treat


We Are Client and Patient Centered

Boreal Wellness Centres puts client needs at the center of our decisions. Our goal is to educate clients about the complexities that make up their mental well-being and assist them to increase self-awareness. We want clients to develop tools that improve their resiliency and empower them to discover a better way to move forward.

A few examples of our client centered care:

  • Treatment at Boreal Wellness Centres is voluntary.
  • Treatment plans are individualized.
  • Our clinical team collaborates with clients to assist with their self-discovery and healing process.  ​

Evidence-Based Therapy

“Evidence-based therapy” is therapy proven effective by large-scale clinical studies involving thousands of patients.

Boreal Wellness Centre's group therapy programs and individual counselling are anchored in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT addresses problems by modifying dysfunctional thoughts, emotions and behaviours. CBT is considered one of the most effective forms of talk therapy as it helps individuals identify and challenge unhelpful thoughts and develop problem-solving skills.

Multidisciplinary Treatment

Our therapy programs are multidisciplinary and combine psychotherapy with:

  • mindfulness training
  • exercise
  • nutrition education
  • return to work evaluation and interventions
  • family education on mental health issues
  • medication education and interventions (as needed)

Our mood and anxiety therapy programs use evidence-based approaches, including:

Whole Person and Integrated

Chronic mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety can also have a lasting impact on the body, causing problems with the digestive system, cardiovascular and immune systems, and the central nervous system. Chronic mental health conditions aside, overall happiness and well-being has a drastic impact on one’s physical health.

Our whole-person approach to therapy focuses on the entire human being and their life experience as a means to assess and treat symptoms. Where traditional counselling may rely on only the psychological aspects of a person, whole-person (sometimes called “holistic”) therapy assesses and treats individuals with other components of health as required, and family support.

The graphic below is typical of how we deliver our group therapy treatments. We take a whole-person approach to treatment, integrating additional health-related components as needed (e.g. medication management, nutrition counselling).

Whole Person Counselling

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