Patient-Centered Therapy


Client needs at the center

Boreal Wellness Centres believes long term success is achieved by care that puts client needs at the center of our decisions. As common-sense as this sounds, too many treatment programs have a formula and apply that formula to all clients, regardless of their needs.

Our goal is to educate clients about the complexities that make up their mental well-being, to assist them with increasing their self-awareness and with developing tools to improve resiliency, and in doing so, we hope to empower them to discover their better way forward.

So what does that look like, in practice? Here are a few examples:
  • Treatment at Boreal Wellness Centres is voluntary. Clients attend our programs because they want to improve their psychological health.
  • Treatment plans are individualized. The results of the psychological intake assessment are used to collaborate with the client on developing a plan to address their mood and anxiety disorders.
  • The Boreal Wellness Centres clinical team serves as a guide in a client's self-discovery and healing process. The hard work will be done (and must be done) by the clients, with support from the clinical team. Examples of the "work" clients should expect will include showing up every day for treatment, actively participating in group discussions, changing dietary habits, as well as completing assignments during days in between sessions. ​