Return To Work


Our Process

Returning to work following an absence due to illness or injury can often be the most critical phase of an employee’s recovery. How an employee handles the transition back to work may influence whether their return to work will be successful. Fortunately, there are many things that we can do to facilitate a successful return, shorten disability periods, and make the transition easier for the employee.

Our group therapy programs use best practices for return to work and stay at work interventions for workers with mental health conditions. We collaborate with employers, employee assistance programs, unions and other similar organizations to achieve the best possible outcome for employees and members. We are committed to proactive and transparent communication with case managers, the client and the client's other health professionals.

The return to work planning starts at our intake assessment where we strive to understand the client's goals, the employer's expectations and the potential return to work barriers and restrictions that are on the horizon. Throughout our therapy programs, when appropriate, Boreal Wellness clinicians will encourage clients to use work examples when exploring thoughts, feelings and actions.

We coordinate communication between the employer, the insurance company, the client and the Boreal Wellness Centres' clinical team on return to work planning.

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