Sleep Science for Public Safety Personnel
a free webinar with
Dr. Maia Love and Dr. Glenn Landry

Is shift work disrupting your ability to achieve quality sleep? Is sleep deprivation impacting your operational readiness? Public safety personnel such as first responders must often navigate fast-paced, complex situations. Fatigue from insufficient sleep can impact cognitive and physical abilities.

Join us on Thursday February 18th at 6:00PM PT for a free webinar to discuss the science of sleep with Dr. Maia Love, MD, and Dr. Glenn Landry, PhD. Dr. Love is a wellness consultant and psychiatrist, and Dr. Landry is a sleep coach and expert on circadian rhythms.

Maia and Glenn will host an introductory discussion about the important role that sleep plays in our overall health and learn some tools for making changes that will improve the quality of your sleep.

Dr. Maia Love

Dr. Maia Love, MD is a wellness consultant and psychiatrist with a specialized practice in the science of wellness and psychotherapy to create greater success. Her services are focused on wellness, burnout prevention, mindfulness-based psychotherapy and meditation for high performance professionals. Influenced strongly by research in optimal well-being and neuroscience, her aim is to give her patients the tools and skills to expand their opportunities for healing and personal growth.

Dr. Love is thrilled to speak on sleep, a topic she is deeply passionate about. She will speak to how changing sleep habits related to sleep hygiene, sleep stimulus control, and overall lifestyle, can shift the biochemistry and health of your brain. Bringing in neuroscience details to the practice of sleeping well, she will provide a window of insight into the beauty of the brain and how it restores with sleep. A brief overview of medications that can be used for sleep will be presented, based in her psychiatric clinical experience.

"Sleep gives our brains the power to hold greater focus ...
so that we can experience greater success on all levels."

Dr. Maia love, md

Dr. Glenn Landry

Dr. Glenn Landry, PhD has studied circadian rhythms and sleep for over 20 years. He completed his graduate research at Simon Fraser University, then focused his research efforts on sleep, aging and cognition as a CIHR postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Teresa Liu-Ambrose’s lab at UBC. His research there explored age-related changes in sleep duration, efficiency and architecture that contribute to or accelerate cognitive decline in older adults.

Now in private practice, Glenn is a sleep coach. He works with shift workers (especially those in public safety roles), older adults, and families to improve physical and mental health through better sleep quality by translating sleep science into practical interventions tailored to the needs of each client.

"Promoting sleep health is a critical component in our efforts to combat COVID-19.
Sleep decreases our risk of infection and boosts our immune system response to the vaccine."

dr. glenn landry, phd