Teen Treatment Program


A group therapy program for teenagers struggling with anxiety and depression.

Do you know a teenager that is not receiving the mental health treatment that they need?  Odds are that you do, as today it’s all too common for youth to be struggling with anxiety, depression or managing stress.  While some are accessing appropriate care with regular individual therapy sessions, others would benefit from a more frequent and multi-disciplinary therapeutic approach.

Three Story Clinic and Boreal Wellness Centres are teaming up to launch a group therapy program for teenagers struggling with anxiety and depression.  The program combines the youth mental health expertise of Three Story Clinic and the group programming experience of Boreal Wellness to provide a new option for Vancouver families and their clinicians.

For over five years, Three Story Clinic has been at the forefront of assisting Lower Mainland youth and their families with improving psychological health.  Three Story Clinic, founded by psychiatrist Dr. Muffy Greenaway and those that work alongside her, provide evidence-based psychiatric, psychological and therapeutic treatments to Vancouver’s children and youth.

Boreal Wellness provides a variety of multi-disciplinary group therapy programs for adults with depression, anxiety and trauma. The Boreal Wellness Resilient Living™ programs combine psychology, mindfulness, fitness, nutrition and medication management to help clients improve their qualityof life.  The curriculum is a CBT-focused, strengths-based approach to improving psychological health and resiliency.

The Resilient Living™ Teen Program will use a similar multi-dimensional curriculum to help youth better understand the connections between their thoughts, emotions and actions, as well as help them develop a set of skills and insights to improve their resiliency and functionality.

The program is designed for teens:

  • diagnosed with a mood or anxiety disorder
  • between the ages of 15 and 17
  • able to participate in an intensive group program during one late afternoon / early evening and one weekend afternoon

Teens receive 100 hours of programming:

  • 6 hours of group programming per week for 12 weeks (72 hours total)
  • 2 x 1 hour family meetings (mid-term and at end)
  • 6 months of post-program weekly support groups moderated by a counsellor (26 hours)

Optional parent-only emotion-focused family therapy (EFFT) workshops are available for an additional fee.

Upon completion of the program, teens will be transitioned back to their individual therapists.


For additional information on the Teen Program or to sign up for an information sessions, please fill out the following: