For a Client


Providing a high level of care for those with mood and anxiety disorders.

At Boreal Wellness, we work closely with referring therapists, physicians, case managers, employers and other professionals to provide a high level of care for those with mood and anxiety disorders. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Proactive, Regular Communication

We value our relationship with colleagues who’ve trusted us with the care of clients referred to us. We’ll partner with you, providing regular updates throughout your client’s time with us and making sure there’s a coordinated transition leading up to the completion of our program.

Return To Work Focus

If a client you refer to us is on a disability leave or working a reduced schedule, our occupational consultants will work with you to craft a return to work plan, and our therapists will encourage (when appropriate) the use of work examples when exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Interdisciplinary Team Model

We use an interdisciplinary team approach, with integrated communication across all clinical disciplines. We believe the team approach is the best path to achieving successful and sustainable treatment outcomes, and making each client feel engaged in a shared experience of community.

Your Clients Matter To Us

We want what’s best for clients you refer. Let’s work together to ensure the best possible outcome for them. Contact us today to learn more about our programs.