For a Loved One


Help create a life of health, stability, and meaning.

If someone you love is struggling with a mood or anxiety disorder, we want you to know that there’s hope. We believe that spouses, children, parents and friends play a critical role in supporting their loved one’s efforts to create a life of health, stability, and meaning.

How We Will Help

Our treatment teams are made up of compassionate, experienced clinicians who use evidence-based therapies. We’ll help your loved one address their psychological health challenges by:

  • Providing a comprehensive assessment to confirm your loved one's diagnosis and make treatment recommendations
  • Collaborating with your loved one's health providers, case managers and employers
  • Helping your loved one develop skills to become more functional at home, at work and in social settings
  • After your loved one completes treatment, providing support through our after-care program
How You Will Help

Your loved one’s psychological challenges have likely created stresses in your relationship, but you can play an important role in their healing process by:

  • Empowering them to pursue treatment, whether that is at Boreal Wellness or elsewhere
  • Learning effective, healthy and supportive communication skills
  • Being open to changes that they might suggest