For Yourself


Designed to provide you with structure, tools and support.

Psychological wellness is possible and we're here to help you achieve it. The first step in your journey is recognizing you need help, and a good start is exploring treatment options such as Boreal Wellness. And it is a journey … there are no “quick fixes” to eliminate or significantly reduce your depression or anxiety. We provide you with structure, tools and support to reduce the frequency and intensity of your symptoms, but your healing and growth will take diligent effort in the months and years ahead.

We understand that sorting through who to speak with and what questions to ask can be daunting. Hopefully the information below and on other portions of our website will help you understand what you can anticipate from Boreal Wellness.

No Hassle Inquiries

It is expected that you will have questions about our programs, our team, the cost, financing options, scheduling, to name but a few. Give us a phone call or send us an email – we will promptly and confidentially provide answers. Also, we welcome the opportunity to have you stop by our clinic and meet some of our team – contact us to arrange a visit.

Treatment Tailored To You

Whether it is determining your treatment goals, return to work objectives, strengths, values or food preferences, we will work with you to make your treatment experience as fulfilling and effective as possible.

Evidence-Based, Interdisciplinary Therapies

Boreal Wellness uses therapies that have been demonstrated to be effective by large scale studies involving thousands of patients. The core of our approach is cognitive behavioural therapy, but we also incorporate other evidence-based therapies and skills that we believe can be helpful. We use a whole-body approach to psychological wellness, and supplement the psychotherapy with sessions such as fitness, mindfulness, nutrition, medication management and return to work planning.

Group Therapy

While group therapy may not be the first choice for some people, it is a powerful healing environment, especially for those who are not responding to one-to-one therapy. The prospect of sharing some of your journey with a group of new people can be daunting. But when you listen to the stories of others in the group, we expect you’ll find a lot in common. And during the experience of sharing and supporting others, you will create personal connections that will be make you stronger and more resilient in the days, months and years ahead.

Ongoing Support

Your efforts to achieve psychological wellness don’t end when you complete one of our programs. And our connection with you doesn’t stop when you complete one of our programs. We offer six months of free after-care to help support you. Our after-care program has weekly group sessions moderated by a clinical counsellor, where Boreal Wellness alumni share and support each other.

Taking That Next Step

Don’t wait to develop the tools and skills to be psychologically healthy and resilient. Don’t wait to improve your health or to mend relationships or to become more productive at work. Now is the time - contact us today to take the next step.