Resilient Living™ Trauma Day Treatment Program


Boreal Wellness is approved by Veterans Affairs Canada as a multi-disciplinary clinic

The Resilient Living™ Trauma Day Treatment Program assists individuals experiencing the distressing effects of post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI) or an operational stress injury (OSI). As clients learn to draw on their own strength and resiliency, they discover new tools for moving forward instead of being controlled by trauma. The program aims to improve daily functioning and over-all quality of life for clients, and assist them with returning to work (if appropriate). Topics that are covered include self-care, safety, understanding how PTSI/OSI impacts your body, emotions, triggers and relationships.

Boreal Wellness group programs serve public safety personnel / first responders / military veterans, and civilians.

The Resilient Living™ Trauma Day Treatment Program is structured as two days per week for ten weeks (20 clinical days). This schedule allows clients to have focused therapeutic time while continuing to live at home and potentially continue to work. Clients will experience the challenges of daily life and have the opportunity to implement skills and tools from therapy sessions with guidance from the Boreal clinical team.

Each clinical day in this program consists of five group sessions, each 60 minutes in length. At least two of these sessions each day will be psychotherapy, one will be fitness and one will be trauma-informed yoga or mindfulness. There is a 60 minute lunch break.

The group programming of the Resilient Living™ Trauma Day Treatment Program is accompanied by:


  • Eight individual therapy sessions with a psychologist.
  • Return to work planning in conjunction with a vocational rehabilitation therapist or an occupational therapist.
  • Six months of free after-care. These weekly one hour group sessions are led by a registered clinical counsellor and provide Resilient Living™ program alumni with ongoing support and education.

Clients will move through the ten week program with the same cohort of 6-10 people. We believe that "closed" groups are important for creating a therapeutic environment where clients feel comfortable sharing and supporting one another.

Supplemental family therapy and substance use therapy sessions are available as needed and upon request - please ask us about how to arrange these.