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About Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are a very common mental health condition.  Typical characteristics include excessive, uncontrollable fearfulness, avoidance behaviours, and heightened physical symptoms which may include increased heart rate, sweating, shaking and panic attacks.

Though everyone experiences mild periods of anxiety, people with an anxiety disorder find their lives significantly disrupted. People with anxiety disorders often have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or early-morning awakening. They also experience heightened physical responses, including hypervigilance and hypersensitivity to anxiety triggers.

Anxiety disorders include:

Anxiety disorders are highly treatable. Clients can learn how to better manage symptoms and improve their quality of life.  Our anxiety therapy programs include cognitive behavioural therapy, regular exercise, diet education, mindfulness training, and medication education.

People with anxiety disorders also benefit from imaginal and in vivo exposure therapy, which provides an opportunity to become less sensitive to situations or triggers that cause anxiety.  Boreal Wellness Centres offers this therapy in an environment that is safe and supportive.

Anxiety Treatment

Boreal Wellness Centres offers individual therapy for anxiety as well as multi-disciplinary group therapy programs. 

Our Resilient Living™ group programs are for people with moderate or moderate-severe anxiety.  Our group programs use cognitive behavioural (CBT) focused,  multi-disiplinary curriculum. 

Group program topics include:

  • understanding how to change negative patterns of thinking
  • how to avoid mind traps
  • understanding and managing emotions
  • importance of behavioural activation
  • managing relationships
  • mindfulness
  • fitness
  • nutrition
  • medication education and management (optional, depending on client need)
  • managing and overcoming return to work barriers (if appropriate)

Other key features of the Resilient Living™ programs are:

  • maximum group size is 10 participants
  • clients will have the same 6-9 group members for the duration of the program
  • clients receive 6 months of aftercare (one-hour group sessions) led by a registered clinical counsellor
  • clients can add on individual therapy, family therapy and substance use therapy to the group program.

Our group therapy options include:

Read the details of each program below.  We offer a sliding scale, subject to availability.

Resilient Living™
Day Treatment Program

The Resilient Living™ Day Treatment group meets three days per week for seven weeks (20 clinical days). This schedule allows our clients to live at home and experience the challenges of daily life while implementing skills, tools and support from the Boreal Wellness Centres clinical team.

Each day in this program consists of five group sessions, each 60 minutes in length.  Lunch is provided daily to participants.

Clients complete the Resilient Living™ Day Treatment Program with the same cohort of 6-10 people to ensure the most therapeutic environment.

Resilient Living™ Evening Program

The Resilient Living™ Evening Program meets twice a week for 3 hours for 10 weeks. Our Evening Program can be a stand-alone treatment program, or it can be used as a step-down to continue the momentum achieved during the Day Treatment Program.

Each evening has two hours of group psychotherapy and the third hour is a rotation of nutrition, fitness, and medication education and management (optional, depending on client need).

Resilient Living™
Virtual Program

Our Resilient LivingTM Virtual Treatment Program is delivered using secure video conference technology, which makes it accessible to people living anywhere in British Columbia.

This program consists of twenty sessions, each two hours in length, over seven weeks. Our Virtual Treatment Program can be a stand-alone treatment program or used as a step-down to continue momentum achieved during the Day Treatment Program.

The two-hour sessions are a combination of group psychotherapy, mindfulness and a rotation of nutrition, fitness and medication education.


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