Depression Treatment


About Depression

Depression is a common psychological disorder characterized by sad, low, or irritable mood.  Depression is often accompanied by physical and mental health changes that limit a person’s ability to effectively function in their family life, social life or at work.

It’s important to note that a brief period of sadness is not a mood disorder nor is it necessarily depression. Depression lasts for weeks or longer and involves low or flat mood most of the day, nearly every day.  Depression often results in diminished interest or pleasure in all or most activities, including activities that previously brought joy or happiness. Other symptoms that often accompany depression include difficulties with concentration, insomnia, loss of appetite, significant changes in body weight, reduced energy levels or fatigue. Individuals with depression may also experience intense feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt, and recurrent or persistent dark thoughts, including suicidal ideation.

Treatment using evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy, regular exercise, dietary changes, and medication (if appropriate) can help people with depression to learn how to better manage symptoms and improve the overall quality of their lives.

Depression Treatment

Boreal Wellness Centres offers individual therapy for depression as well as multi-disciplinary group therapy programs.

Our Resilient LivingTM group programs are for people with moderate or moderate-severe depression and/or anxiety.  Our group programs use cognitive behavioural (CBT) focused,  multi-disiplinary curriculum. 

Group program topics include:

  • understanding how to change negative patterns of thinking
  • how to avoid mind traps
  • understanding and managing emotions
  • importance of behavioural activation
  • managing relationships
  • mindfulness
  • fitness
  • nutrition
  • medication education and management (optional, depending on client need)
  • managing and overcoming return to work barriers (if appropriate)

Other key features of the Resilient Living™ programs are:

  • maximum group size is 10 participants
  • clients will have the same 6-9 group members for the duration of the program
  • clients receive 6 months of aftercare (one-hour group sessions) led by a registered clinical counsellor
  • clients can add on individual therapy, family therapy and substance use therapy to the group program.

Resilient Living™
Virtual Program

Our Resilient LivingTM Virtual Treatment Program uses secure video conference technology, which makes it accessible to people living anywhere in British Columbia.

This program consists of 20 sessions, each 3 hours in length, over 10 weeks. These sessions are a combination of group psychotherapy and a rotation of mindfulness, nutrition, fitness and medication education.


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