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Mounting evidence creates a compelling picture of a world in which students face the greatest levels of stress and mental health challenges than at any other time in history. The National Institute of Mental Health reports:

  • In 2015, about 3 million teens ages 12 to 17 had at least one major depressive episode in the past year,
  • more than 2 million teens report experiencing depression that impairs their daily function, and
  • about 30% of girls and 20% of boys--totalling 6.3 million teens--have had an anxiety disorder.

Why Are Teens So Vulnerable?

Adolescents face a tidal wave of new experiences. This transitional period can bring up issues of independence, questions of self-identity, and newfound social life, the exploration of sexuality, experimentation with mood-altering substances and many more new challenges.

Youths today are less resilient and more overwhelmed than their parents were when they were growing up. Youths today have never known a time when terrorism and school shootings weren’t the norm, they’ve witnessed their parents suffer a severe recession, and they are coming of age at a time when technology and social media have transformed society.

Poor sleep and lifestyle habits. Sleep deprivation is sometimes a ‘badge of honour’ proudly carried by some students. Additionally, poor lifestyle habits among college and university students are legendary (e.g. poor nutrition, excessive drinking or smoking, unsafe sexual activity). These choices shouldn’t be taken lightly because of their association with mental health problems and poor well-being.

The pressure to succeed. Many students spend a majority of their time worrying about how to add things to their resume instead of worrying about how to better themselves as individuals. The pressure to do well in the future and the looming competitiveness of an unstable job market can contribute to mental health problems.

Our Solution: The Resilient Living™ Teen Stress Skills Program

The Resilient Living™ Teen Stress Skills Program helps youths better understand the connections between their thoughts, emotions and actions, as well as help them develop a set of skills and insights to improve their resilience and daily functioning.

While some youths can obtain appropriate care with regular individual therapy sessions, others benefit most from group counselling where they share with, and learn from, peers, as well as be challenged to improve their mental health and well-being in a social setting which helps with transferring skills to their lives outside of therapy. Group therapy is like a “fitness center for social skills.” Teens emerge from a positive group experience with new interpersonal tools and abilities.

Three Story Clinic and Boreal Wellness Centres joined to launch a group program for teenagers struggling with anxiety and depression. The program combines the youth mental health expertise of Three Story Clinic and the group therapy experience of Boreal Wellness Centres.

The program is designed for teens:

  • diagnosed with a mood or anxiety disorder
  • between the ages of 15 and 17
  • able to participate in a 90-minute group during one late afternoon / early evening

Schedule and Curriculum

The program consists of:

  • Intake interview with one of the group facilitators
  • 90 minutes of weekly group meetings for 10 weeks (15 hours total)
  • Optional 2 x 1-hour family meetings (mid-term and at end)

If a teenager is already seeing a therapist for individual counselling, they may continue to see that therapist during the program.  However, we ask that the therapist and our clinical team communicate so that each party is aware of the therapeutic topics and approaches being used.

About Three Story Clinic

For over five years, Three Story Clinic has been at the forefront of assisting Lower Mainland youth and their families with improving psychological health. Three Story Clinic, founded by psychiatrist Dr. Muffy Greenaway and those that work alongside her, provide evidence-based psychiatric, psychological and therapeutic treatments to Vancouver’s youth.


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