Why Boreal Wellness Centres?


Our Approach

Treatment for psychological health conditions is most effective when clients are empowered, informed and engaged in evidence-based integrated therapies.

Our outpatient therapy programs are intended to bridge the gap between the mental health care that is available in hospital settings and weekly visits to psychiatrists and therapists. Our Resilient Living™ Day Treatment Program offers a cost-effective alternative to residential options.


We Respect Your Individuality:

Our treatment plans are customized for each client. Our clinical team uses a psychological assessment to confirm diagnosis, and to understand your relevant life experiences and treatment goals.

We Treat A Range of Mood and Anxiety Disorders:

Our programs offer clinical treatment for a range of mood and anxiety disorders that prevent people from being happy, resilient and functional at home, at work, and among friends.

We Provide A Healing Environment:

From our location in a heritage Yaletown building with high ceilings and exposed brick-timber beam interior, to our closed group format and catered lunches, we provide a calm, comfortable setting for our clients.


Our Clients Recommend Us:

Our clients and referral sources regularly recommend us to others - we can think of no better vote of confidence than the continued support of those who have experienced our care.

You Will Receive Evidence-Based Treatment:

We only use evidence-based therapies to help clients become more self-aware and resilient. Our interdisciplinary approach ensures a well-rounded experience addressing many of the topics that impact mental health.

Opportunity For Family Involvement:

Family is often a key component of a successful treatment process and long term resiliency. We provide an opportunity for family therapy to augment the day or evening therapy program.


We Focus On Long-Term Recovery:

Our goal is to equip clients with confidence, self-awareness and tools to lead fulfilling, resilient lives. Our outpatient model, where clients attend group therapy while continuing to manage their daily lives, provides an opportunity to practice skills in real world situations while being supported by their fellow group members and our clinical team.

You Become A Member Of Our Family:

Our connection with clients doesn't end when the program finishes. We appreciate that the process of transforming how a person deals with certain thoughts, emotions and behaviours can take many months to master, with achievements occasionally stalled by set-backs. To support our alumni, we provide six months of free weekly after-care group sessions with a registered clinical counsellor.

We Believe In Privacy and Confidentiality:

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance and we adhere to strict standards of privacy. We believe the best therapeutic environment is one where clients feel safe and are able to share thoughts and feelings in a judgement-free environment.


We Have An Accomplished Multi-Disciplinary Clinical Team:

Our team of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, clinical counsellors, vocational rehabilitation therapists, nutrition and fitness professionals bring years of experience to our programs and to our clients.